JavaScript For ABAP Developers

In partnership with SAP-Press I wrote a book for SAP developers who want to branch out into JavaScript front-end development called “JavaScript for ABAP Developers”. It’s essentially a list of everything I wish I knew back when I started out with UI5 as an ABAP developer all those years ago.

If you’re looking to build front-end applications using technologies like SAPUI5 then you will need a good practical understanding of core JavaScript principles, which is what this book is all about. There is already a fantastic book on UI5 development SAPUI5, The Comprehensive Guide and as UI5 is a JavaScript framework it is crucial that you master JavaScript to get the most out of your UI5 applications.

The goal of this book then is to give you the as much practical JavaScript knowledge as possible and to do so as quickly as possible. Every single chapter has a range of ready-to-execute code snippets that we encourage you try as you read them. You will learn to execute JavaScript code using both a web framework as well as using Node JS which is crucial to understand when working with SAPUI5.

The book itself is in “e-bite” format which means all the concepts you need to know are condensed down into just under 100 pages making it extremely easy to get only the knowledge you need allowing you more time to try out the concepts on your own. I also encourage you to keep all the code you write in folders per chapter (which you can keep on GitHub as well) so that you can refer to examples and concepts as and when you need them.

In the book I cover a wide range of JavaScript topics including:

  • Variables
  • Operators and loops
  • Functions
  • External libraries like jQuery
  • The DOM
  • Classes
  • Old vs modern syntax
  • Error handling and debugging

It’s a great primer if you want to expand your skills into front-end development on top of your SAP/ABAP knowledge.

You can order my new book here.

Thanks for reading!